Herbalicious Citrus Infused Spring Water

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Herbalicious citrus infused spring water 

Boost your metabolism.

Herbalicious citrus infused spring water, full of minerals and vitamins.
So incredible aromatic! Use your taste buds and intuition to adjust the quantities and the kind of herbs and citrus used here.Either way there is no failure!

A slice of Orange, Mandarin, Red Grapefruit or Lemon

Aloe Vera whole baby leaves, Geranium (Pelatgonium) leaves, Lavender leaves, Rosemary, Basil, Mint, French Marigold flowers. Smells so good!

Spice it up with ginger.

Leave it in the fridge overnight, let it infuse the fruits and herbs taste, aroma, minerals and all nutrients hidden in it.

Next day strain and enjoy!

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