Wild Spinach Greens Salad with Grape Syrup "Petimezi" and Olive Oil

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A salad to fill you up.
Wild Spinach Greens Salad with Grape Syrup Petimezi and Olive Oil

Wild spinach greens salad with grape syrup "Petimezi",olive oil, and many more.

A delicious combo, greens with nuts, fruits, and other kinds of salad.

Petimezi or grape syrup, or grape molasses is concentrated grape juice. Petimezi is made out of must, unfermented wine juice. The wine juice is cooked with clean wood ash. The ash helps to collect on the surface of the must, everything we do not need in the wine juice.


Lettuce: Red and green lettuce
Wild spinach (or cultivated spinach)
Fresh Onion 
Arugula/garden rocket
Green apple 
Green pepper 
Red pepper 
Raw Beetroot 
Cherry tomatoes
Dry fig 
Lemon zest 
Lemon juice 
Olive oil-Cold press extra virgin olive oil
Grape syrup - Petimezi
Poppy seeds 
Sea salt

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