New high-tech 3D professional printers, from the top industries of the world right now. 

Available all kinds of printing ink and accessories, as well, after contacting us.

We do not present them all on our site,  as the accessories are also available in the local market of the buyer. 

FREE Worldwide Shipping in most countries.

Excellent pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service.

Manuals infographics and video teaching. 

Regards Shippment:
Although we service the best possible solutions, for our products to reach our customers on time-we do not guarantee delivery time on all international shipments due to differences in customs clearing times in individual countries, which may affect how quickly your products are inspected.

Shipment & Transport:

Shipments are made globally by cooperating carriers or by customer’s preferences. The agreed freight rates are only for the cost of shipping and do not include any additional costs that may occur depending on the country of delivery (e.g. customs costs, taxes, etc.).

Costs also differ depending on the destination, weight, and volume. Please note that the delivery will not be made to your door if you are higher than the ground-level and will need to carry it yourself to your door.

In the case of transport from or to the port, loading/unloading shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable operating rules and operating conditions of each port, then the cargo shall be picked up from the port.


Product taxes that must be paid on each country we ship, are a subject of the customer and its country.