Physiotherapy Massage Bed-Jade heads-Thermal Therapy

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New Generation warm physiotherapy massage bed, with various massage methods, Kneading, chiropractic, jade massage. Aluminium track jade wheel massages both sides of the body spine. Handheld hot moxibustion jade massage heads help increase the flow of vital energy- known as qi or chi, throughout the body via certain pathways the meridians. BioEnergy.

سرير التدليك العلاج الطبيعي رؤساء اليشم العلاج الحراري

Moxibustion thermal stimulation affects both shallow and deep tissues of the skin. In traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating the flow of chi is considered essential to achieving health and wellbeing. Massage bed's jade rollers mimic excellent the traditional Chinese jade massage methods reaching deep down the skin and hurt bone for deeper calming results. 

سرير التدليك العلاج الطبيعي رؤساء اليشم العلاج الحراري

Thermal infrared therapy massage with 15 lights and 5 more lights for all body parts. Heating temperature between 20-80°C. Both feet massage with 4 stets of jade wheels.

Equipped with extra handheld jade heating lights roller pouch, for use to all body parts.

سرير التدليك العلاج الطبيعي رؤساء اليشم العلاج الحراري

Sessions in a massage beauty bed with thermal jade rollers offer numerous health benefits. Reduce & eliminate pain from arthritis and back pain. Improve muscle tension & soreness. Relieve stress, anxiety. Increase blood & lymphatic circulation. Relax, and ease the pain of the body. 

Физиотерапевтическая массажная кровать Нефритовые головы Тепловая терапия

Electric lift, upper body can be lifted and lowered 0-45* adjustment, independent lifting motor control. LCD hand remote control, simple and superficial. High quality breathable, antibacterial retardant, PU leather fabric and sponge, easy to clean, strong steel structure, solid wooden bed feet, protect the floor from scratching. All parts are 100% recyclable.

سرير التدليك العلاج الطبيعي رؤساء اليشم العلاج الحراري

SKU: MBW-020

Product colour: silver grey
Product gross weight: 80KG
Working frequency: 50Hz Rated power: less than or equal to 400W
Standard voltage: 220V Working environment: 5C-40C
Temperature range; 20*C-80'C
Product load: 150KG
Bed size; 198*69*55CM
Packing size: 125*66*30CM, 125*68*25CM

Physiotherapy Massage Bed-Jade heads-Thermal Therapy

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Physiotherapy Massage Bed-Jade heads-Thermal Therapy

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