Tiles Cretalia Tiles Co

Bespoke Handmade Cement Tiles with authentic designation, color, and pattern creation. The manufacturing process of a tile is entirely made by hand. Our Graphist completes the designation and color mixture code according to customers' requests.

Traditional craftsmen built iron-made casts and our artisans finish the tile production  Earthy ground compounds, water, and natural color mixtures are used for the whole tile process. Each tile is manufactured individually. Tiles mature take place in a natural environment.

In a variety of patterns inspired by Ancient Greek designs Greek Neoclassical Architecture, the Byzantine Era Mosaic, and the Modern geometrical digital designation. Matt or glossy finish.

Get inspiration from Tiles Cretalia Collection or customize your order with patterns and colors of your choice by creating your own Mosaic of Tiles for the floor-wall-table or décor projects. 

Tiles Cretalia Collection is composed of Modern, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau, pattern designs, Embossed Tiles, Hexagons, Octagon Tiles, Monochromatic, and Border tiles.

Solid and durable. Availability 15-20 days. Natural products are 100% recyclable.

Store packed tiles in a dry place. Please do not live packaged tiles in dumped areas or under humidity. Always place tiles on a dry clean surface without moisture.

Contact us for samples and shipping costs. Costs differ depending on the destination and weight.

Wholesale and Retail inquires


Custom-made orders are a subject we must pass through together a series of stages. It's the charming process of the manufacturing cycle from order to production to shipping time to receipt, which is about 30-40 working days.

International shipping 
Regards Shippment:
We do not guarantee delivery time on all international shipments due to differences in customs clearing times in individual countries, which may affect how quickly your products are inspected.

All of our orders are fulfilled and shipped from Greece.



Shipment Transport

Shipments are made globally by cooperating carriers or by the customer’s preference. The agreed freight rates are only for the cost of shipping and do not include any additional costs that may occur depending on the country of delivery (e.g. customs costs, taxes, etc.).

Costs also differ depending on the destination, weight, and volume. Please note that the delivery will not be made to your door if you are higher than the ground level and will need to carry it yourself to your door. In the case of transport from or to the port, loading/unloading shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable operating rules and operating conditions of each port, then the cargo shall be picked up from the port.


Product taxes must be paid in each country we ship, by the customer, and it's country.

About Handmade Cement Tiles Policy:

We need your concern and understanding. Orders that are already made, after a customer's request can not be canceled and or returned, in this particular handmade cement tiles collection.