Best 3D Mapping/Surveillance/Survey Drone and Gimbal Camera Payload-Electric

UAV Drone Gimbal Camera  

Object Tracking Fixed Wing UAV Drone Gimbal Camera 30x zoom HD starlight drone aerial patrol camera 

Used for Zoom aerial photography, Drone patrol, Public security, and more.

UAV Drone Gimbal Camera 




SONY EV7520 30x Starlight Camera  
Imager sensor 1/2.8-type Exmor R CMOS
Digital zoom 30x optical zoom
High Definition 1920x1080P(Full-HD)
Minimum illumination Colour: 0.01 lx(F1.6, AGC on,1/30 s)
S/N ratio More than 50 dB
Backlight compensation Yes
Video Output HDMI/SDI/SD Card/RJ45
Gimbal Description  
Power Consumption Quiescent 330mA@12V, Working 450mA@12V
Pitch angle range of action -90°~+90°
Yaw angle range of action -170°~+170° 
Angle jitter pitch and roll direction±0.02°  horizontal direction±0.03°
Size L115.8*W103.5*H147.3mm




  • Model Number: DXU300
  • Technology : Pan / Tilt / Zoom
  • Sensor: IRC day-night HD CMOS
  • Video output: HDMI/SD Card
  • Lens (mm): 30x optical f = 4.3 mm-129.0 mm
  • Zoom: 30x optical zoom
  • High Definition: 1080P(Full-HD)
  • Image enhancement: Automatically adjust image brightness and contrast
  • Operating Temperature: -30- +80 Degrees Celsius
  • Used for: UAV, Drone Security
  • Object Tracking: YES

Object Tracking

1,Function description

Build-in normalization, cross-correlation and tracking algorithm,

combining with object missing recapture algorithm, achieve stable

track of the target.

Support custom characters of user OSD, adaptive gate, cross

cursor, trace information display.

2, Tracking performance

1) The update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz

2)Output delay of deviation pixel <15ms

3)Minimum target contrast 5%

4) the minimum signal-to-noise ratio ( SNR) 4

5)Minimum target size 16*16 pixel

6)Maximum target size 160*160 pixel

7)Tracking speed 32 pixel/frame

8)The mean square root values of pulse noise in the target

position<0.5 pixel 

UAV Drone Gimbal Camera 30x zoom HD starlight drone aerial patrol camera 

Camera control line

Zoom: camera zoom control line, connect PWM receiver on third gear, or rocker.

Focus: camera manual focus control line, connect receiver on third gear, or rocker. If not connect, the camera will focus automatically after zooming.

Pic/Rec: photography/video, mode switching, video and photography control, connect receiver on third gear.

Switch from the middle to high: photography/video mode switching

Switch from the middle to low: (1)In the video mode: if video record stops, video record starts if video record
is starting, switch from the middle to low again, the video record will stop; (2)In the photo mode: take a picture.

Multi: Multi control channel for other functions, such as tracking, laser light. IR cut, etc

AV: analogue output signal.

Pod PWM signal instructions:

YAW directional channel: speed mode, connect rocker channel, (or third gear switch channel, stopping need third to the middle position.)

PITCH Pitch channel: speed mode, connect rocker channel, (or third gear switch channel, stopping need third gear to the middle position.)

MODE gimbal one button back and speed adjustment: angle mode, A knob or a third gear channel switch.

The speed of focusing

Design for UAV aerial photography, according to aerial
characteristics, using fast focus algorithm, focus time <1s.

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