Best Professional 3D Printer For Jewellery Industry

Best Professional 3D Printer For Jewellery Industry

Machine Details   

       Machinery: Industrial-grade,  simple user-friendly machine design
       Screen:   Colorful Touch Screen, integrated PC operation system
       Operating temperature range: 20℃-26℃
       Operating humidity range: <40%
       Software: Rhino, Jewel CAD,  Matrix, JewelSmith、ArtCAM, 3D design.
       Simply export STL version file.
3D printer parameters PLUS1

Most of 3D Printer Companies has not the independent 3D Printing Software for their own machines.  They develop the open protocol on the internet for their 3D Printing software. As they have not the source code, they cannot master and handle the software very well. So their software cannot be perfectly matched with their machines and print perfectly.

Model Number: plus 1
CE Certification: Yes
Product: DLP 3D Printer
Model: Plus 1(L90)
Printing Size: 96*54*100mm
X/Y axis precision: 0.050mm
Z-axis precision: 0.025mm-0.05mm adjustable
Light Source: LED UV
LED light life: more than 20000 hours
Device size: 42*36*88cm
Weight: 57kg
Power Supply: 100-120VAC 7A 200-240VAC 3A

Plus 1-01

Nejlepší profesionální 3D tiskárna pro klenotnický průmysl

pro drawing 3D industrial jewelwery printer

Our Service                                                    

         We can provide overall revolutionary solutions to the jewellery industry. We provide DLP 3D Printer, photosensitive resin, casting equipment and process. The printing model has great surface quality and high production precision, which can print small features and microstructure so that the model can perfectly restore the designer’s 3D data of jewellery. We can provide professional instruction and guidance, as well as a revolutionary solution to the whole production line of jewellery production.

 1. Pre-sale service

You can send your own Jewelry CAD drawing files to us by email, we will print and cast mouldings for you free of charge, to test our pinter's precision and formation. We can take pictures to show you the mouldings and also can send them to you by DHL with the DHL fee at your site.

2. In-sale service

We will provide you with complete manuals in word files and video files, to tell you how to operate and maintain our 3D plus printer step by step.

3. After-sale service

We have English engineers to fly to your place for training your staff. And you can also find our after-sale service by telephone and internet in 24/7.

4. Warranty

One year for the whole machine except Material tray and Resin. Two years for the LED light source.


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Harzmodelle für 3D-Schmuckdrucker

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