2pcs Yoga/Pilates Blocks-2pcs Foam Roller

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2pcs Yoga/Pilates Blocks

Yoga brick and or foam rollers are auxiliary tools for beginners and inflexible practicers. It can help us to adjust our gestures so as to complete some actions. Avoiding tension in part of your body due to your stiffness, this tool will hold your body of any part as a stretching aid.

2pcs Yoga/Pilates Blocks 5 colours
2pcs Yoga/Pilates Blocks waterproof-sweatproof

2pcs Yoga/Pilates Blocks non-slip

2pcs Yoga/Pilates Blocks for beginners
2pcs Foam Roller yoga-pilates
2pcs Foam Roller pilates/yoga
yoga/pilates 2pcs Foam Roller


2pcs Foam Roller yoga/pilates
2pcs Foam Roller

Model Number: Yoga brick
size: 23*15*7.5cm
color: Purple, pink, blue, orange, green
Applicable scene: dance sports, fitness equipment
Category: Yoga accessories
Keyword: Eva yoga brick
description: Eva yoga block brick
Use: bodybuilding beauty
Product category: yoga block