3D Foldable Pet Iron Fence

Smart House Brand

  • €91,00

Clôture en fer pour animaux de compagnie
Pet Iron Fence

This 3-dimensional width-heigh-roof, pets fence, iron box shape, meets the criteria to isolate our favorite pet and protect it at the same time. It creates a safe environment for as long as needed to keep it safe, and for different needs. Advanced high quality. Worldwide shipping. 

Foldable Pet Iron Fence-Build Box Geometric Shapes to match your Pet needs


1. Brand New and high quality. 
2. Solid construction for providing the pet with enough space to play. 
3. Complete accessories to assemble easily, energy and time-saving. 
4. Free combination, give full play to your ability to do something, hurry up to try it. 
5. Can be also used for training, as a kennel, or for other purposes, both indoors and outdoors

Valla de hierro plegable 3D para mascotas

Package included:
6 Pcs Panel(other accessories not included)
1 Pcs Hammer

Model Number: ABL0009
Material: Iron Pet Crate
Type: Dogs kittens Rabbits 
Material: Short plush Suede fabric
Size: Customized
Item: Dog gate SafeGuard
Apply to: dog/cat /rabbit/Puppy





Valla de hierro plegable para mascotas 4D






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