3D Printer and Tablet for Confectionery-Pastry-Coffee Businesses

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3D Printer for printing text and images on coffee, pastry, cakes, birthday cakes, biscuits, and much more culinary art goals.

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Printing character image on coffee is an innovation in coffee printing technology. You don't have to spend a lot of time and energy to learn and practice coffee printing.

All you have to do is take a photo and then hand it over to the printer to achieve personality. Bring greater convenience to your business and life. 

This 3D coffee printer is a powerful coffee machine that can directly print the guest's face or text you want on coffee/bread/biscuits/cake etc 

Confectionery, Pastry, and Coffee Businesses

3D Printer and Tablet for Confectionery-Pastry-Coffee Businesses

Upgraded Android system advantages:

1. The installation of the ink cartridge will not be recognized to The non-original ink cartridge and will not indicate that the ink cartridge is locked.

2. The system will not be blocked by anti-virus software and won't appear windows system incompatibility issue.

3. High efficiency with the QR code scanning, increase the wireless router can upload images without the need for an external network.

4. Equipped with an 8" tablet computer, one-to-one test and calibration before shipping, customers can use the machine immediately when it arrives, saving after-sales time.

5. It can print 1-4 cups at the same time for different images, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of printing.

6. The image can be free to add text, the name of the Divination can be renamed, the answer content can be added or deleted according to your needs

7. We upgrade cup shows software support colour ink and brown coffee printing one switch base on refill colour edible ink.

8.  The software has a function that counting and automatic lift cup function.  

9. Fast print speed, it will take about 15-30sec. for 1 cups to 4 cups of coffee printing one time.

10. The edible ink will be sad comes with MSDS, SGS certification, and lower cost for printing, one set edible ink with 400ml can print about 2000-3000cups coffee.

 Please read here product specifications


طابعة ثلاثية الأبعاد وكمبيوتر لوحي المعجنات



Impresora 3D y tableta para repostería pastelería empresas cafeteras

1. Update the coffee printer with an 8" tablet PC  

We install the driver and calibration before printing, customer can use it immediately after refill the ink. 

2.The upgrade cups how software with more multi-function 

1.. The client can scan the QR code and send the picture from his mobile phone to software print, its  increase the wireless router can upload images without the need for an external network

Tablet and 3D Printer

2. It can print 1-4 cups at the same time for different images, you do not need to design 4 different pictures to combine with one picture via photoshop, just input to our software with 4 different picture directly, greatly improve the printing efficiency 

Tablet of 3D Printer fot Confectionery-Coffee


3. Intelligent Anti-scratch Protection system  and same size cup just detect its height one time 

Intelligent Anti-Scratch-Protection system can detect the media by both red-ray sensors to prevent the print head from scratching.  At the same time,  it will save a lot of time if you print more than 1 cups coffee due to the tray do not rise and down after finishing its printing. 

3D Printer parameters-0

4. The parallel leading screws to lift the platform  and use a stepper motor do not need a clutch  with more power to drive the machine to run

The platform rising/down with synchronization servo motor driver double leading screw with a belt, it will be more power to drive the machine and more stable  to improve the printing quality 


3D Printer parameters


In the package included:

1. One set Coffee Flatbed printer with tablet PC 

2. 2 set empty refillable cartridges   and 4*100ml edible ink 

3. The USB cable and Power cable, adaptor for the power plug 

4. The  U-disk ( the user manual and the driver for the machine and the software )

2 set empty refillable cartridges   and 4*100ml edible ink



Imprimante 3D et tablette pour les entreprises de confiserie pâtisserie

3D Printer and Tablet for Confectionery-Pastry-Coffee Businesses


We also provide spare parts and inks, you can order from our site here or other suppliers in your local market. 


Certifications for 3D Printer and Tablet for Confectionery-Pastry-Coffee Businesses

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