Automatic Garbage Bin Domestic Use

Smart House Brand

  • €147,00

Automatic Garbage Bin For Kitchen Bathroom
Automatic Garbage Bin Kitchen Bathroom
  1. Super tightness
  2. Intelligent induction, the induction area is doubled
  3. Waterproof
  4. Automatic
  5. 3. Large capacity 13L/16L
  6. 4. IPX5 grade waterproof
  7. 5. Long battery life
Automatic Garbage Bin Domestic Use


Automatic Garbage Bin Domestic Use parameters

Note: Packing list: 1*smart trash can (without battery)

How to use: press and hold the right button for about three seconds. After the green light flashes, release the hand swing sensing. If the manual control is left on and left off

First, install the battery. After installation, the green light flashes, indicating that the cover sensing mode has been used. Press the off-key twice to represent the reset key, and then press the on the key to make the cover normally open. If you want to close the cover, you need to close the cover manually. If you want to restore the sensing function, you need to press the off-key again until the green light is on, and the cover can be opened normally.

Automatic Garbage Bin fot the Kitchen and the Bathroom

Shape: Rectangular
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: Induction Type
Model Number: ZYP04008
Style: Induction Type
Material: PP
Weight: About1.2kg
Color: White Grey
Capacity: 13L 16L

Automatic Garbage Bin Domestic Use
Indelligent Induction trash can
Automatic Garbage Bin Domestic Use Quick Open


Automatic Garbage Bin Domestic Use-Moisture Proof