Best Indoor Exercise Mountain Bike Cart-Upgrade the Level of your Strength

Smart House Brand

  • €595,00

The best Indoor mountain bike simulator in the fitness industry for 2020. Upgrade the level of your strength with an indoor mountain bike, when the outdoor experience is not possible.

Meilleur chariot de vélo de montagne d'exercice intérieur

The best Mountaineering carts in 2020

The new 2020 mountaineering cart allows you to enjoy the fun of climbing indoors, allowing you to climb without leaving your home
This mountain cart is simple to use, rugged and can measure heart rate, distance, and so on.

  • Electronic watch function: time, calories, heart rate, distance.
  • Equipped with a mobile phone stand.

  • Load/body weight: 120kg

Beste Indoor-Übung Mountainbike Cart 


Product Weight Net weight 18kg  Gross Weight 20kg
Dimensions 115 × 58 × 146 cm



Advanced fitness bikes.

Commercial and home use.

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