Citrus Juicer Portable USB Charging

Smart House Brand

  • €145,00

Wireless portable fruit extractor, juicer. 

Applicable to make various fruit juice, such as apple, orange, watermelon, grape, and more. Made with food-grade material, safe and non-toxic, and easy to clean. Compact and portable, convenient to carry.


Cirtus Juicer Portable USB Charging

Easy to squeeze fruit juice. Only needs to cut the fruit in half, and no need to peel, easy and quick to make juice. No need to add water. High juice yield and no waste. 

Chargeur USB portable Cirtus Juicer


*1. Material: ABS/AS

*2. Color: white

*3. Voltage: 7.4V

*4. Power: 45W

*5. Charging: USB

*6. Size: 138mm*112mm*237.5mm

Exprimidor de cítricos con carga USB portátil

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Citrus Juicer Kannettava USB-lataus


Citrus Juicer Kannettava USB-lataus
Портативна соковижималка для цитрусових, зарядка через USB
Přenosné USB nabíjení odšťavňovače citrusů
Citrus Juicer Bærbar USB-lading
Prenosni USB sokovnik za citruse
Prenosni USB sokovnik za citruse