Cretalia Retro Embossed Tile

Smart House Brand

  • €108,00

Handmade cement tiles Cretalia-3D embossed tiles-Tiles Art

Tiles with Retro designs Embossed Tiles, add character and a 3D tile model is a piece of art at your place.

Mix and match different colour hues and value a high aesthetic colour and formation effect  Retro tiles are a combination of two tiles dimensions, 30x30 cm and their 20x20 cm joint, the thickness of each tile is 1,8 cm.

 Ideal for commercial and residential wall & floor projects.

Handmade cement tiles Cretalia-3D model embossed tile

Each tile is made individually. Custom-made orders.

Contact us for shipping costs and delivery time. International Shipping.


CATEGORY: Retro Embossed Tile                               


PRICE:  108€/m²

Wholesale and Retail inquires

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All of our products are custom made

Customer's desired color choice-RAL Palette

Each tile is manufactured individually

Availability: 15-20 days


30X30  20X20 cm


1,8 cm

Weight per tile

2.8 kg/tile

Weight per m²

40 kg

Pieces per m²


Pieces per box



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