Deluxe 4D Full Body Massage Chair-6 Massage Methods

Smart House Brand

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Euphoria Massage chair and recliner sofa all at once. Luxury and stylish made with 15 automatic innovative massage methodologies 

At the recline position of the chair enjoy a zero-gravity sense, like
floating in a space capsule across the universe. 

Relax into the comfort nestle of Euphoria as the robotic mechanism sensors of the SL Track auto-detect different body shapes weights and heights. Customize then the massage length accordingly by stretching the body for a deeper massage experience.

2020 Deluxe 4D Full Body Massage Chair-6 Massage Methods

Easily adjust the massage pressure intense from the remote control,
6 pressure intense available. 3D L-shaped track ergonomically designed to cover over 75% of the back body area, all the way down from the neck. to shoulders, the spine to waist to glutes. 

6 robotic massage methods including kneading, finger pressure,

beating, pinch and tremble, knocking, and rolling.  Aircell massage system mimics the human finger touch and at the same time the hot stone-like heating system located in the back, waist, hip,
and calf area, helps to warm the body and release fatigue.

The medical magnetic roller massage technology help to improve circulation and release stress. while at the same time, you can adjust the angle of the backrest and foot massager. Calf and foot massage reduces swelling of legs-reflexology. 

Commercial, home, and office use.

How can a massage chair benefit your body, mental, and soul health?

Health benefits of the massage, after a number of sessions on a massage chair:

Consider yours:

  • Reduce pain from arthritis and migraines. 
  • Improve muscle tension & soreness.
  • Relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Increase in metabolism 
  • Boost energy levels naturally
  • Better sleep quality
  • Neck and back pain relief
  • Reduces swelling on legs 
  • Promotes better posture
  • Increase blood circulation throughout the body
  • Relax, and ease the pain of the body
  • Varicose veins-keep legs elevated
  • Inner spiritual and pneumatic balance
  • Rejuvenation
  • Body oxygenation
  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve flexibility
  • Euphoria and wellness
  • A deeper more relaxing breath as more oxygen reaches on lungs when the torso expands.

The values above are not considered to replace or cancel any doctor's medical treatment, advice, or therapeutical alternate. 

Name: Euphoria Massage chair
PU leather is breathable antibacterial, and easy o clean. 
Custom made orders, in 5 PU leather colors
LCD hand-held wire remote,
Bluetooth technology music player
Full assembled packing

Rated voltage / frequency 220V / 50Hz
Rated power 120W
Net weight / gross weight 110Kg / 125Kg
Height Range 150-190cm
Warranty  1 Year
Packing specification 130*73*84cm

Contact us for the leather color of your choice manufacturing, and shipping time

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The products have obtained international certificates such as
CE, UL, and RoHS

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