Dried Edible Culinary Flowers-Natural Food Trend-100% Organic

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The aroma, colors, flavors, and earthy vibes of edible flowers growing at the foot of Mount Olympos, savor special occasions raw food,  and culinary projects. Full of healthy nutrients.

Definitely the natural food trend. Use it raw or bake it.

Use edible flowers on food-styling creations, salads, dishes, tea, cocktails, sweets, and coco bowls. Flavoring sea salt and sugar with petals.

Decorate kids' everyday food plates, bars, cookies, choco bars, and party dishes. Wedding table runners, cupcakes, ice cream balls. 

100% Organic products,  0% of Chemicals 0% of Pesticides

Quantities per jar

  • Lavender approximately  150 twigs 
  • Rose petals approximately 2 cups of petals
  • Cornflower petals approximately 2 cups of petals
  • Calendula approximately 3 cups of petals Use as salad ingredients, coco bowls,
  • Rosebuds approximately 60 flower buds
  • Mini roses of approximately 150 flowers (1-2cm) are ideal for little sweet treats
  • Petal confetti approximately 2 cups of calendula and cornflower petals,
  • Viola approximately 300 flowers
  • Fresh Herbs- Sage-Rosemary-Lemon thyme (Thymus citriodorus).
  • Fairy Garden-real dry flowers for pastry decoration, 10gr and, size 1,5-3cm

 Dried Edible Calendula Petals-100% Organic growing 

Orange is red, brought nearer to humanity by yellow!
Wassily Kandinsky


Perhaps people allergic to pollen should avoid consuming edible flowers.

Recipe here 

real dry flowers for pastry decoration

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