Electric Heated Massage Bed-Shiatsu-Jade Rolling Massage

Smart House Brand

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Электрический массаж с подогревом Кровать-Шиацу-Джейд Роллинг Массаж

Complete massage therapy heated bed. 13 sets of balls and a total of 38 massage heads cover a wider treatment area. From the neck to shoulders, back, waist,  all the way down to buttocks, hips, legs, and feet. Shiatsu  finger-like pressure therapy..4 sets of industrial Jade rolling heads, mimic excellent the traditional Chinese jade massage technics reaching deep down the hurt bone for a deeper calming result

Masaje eléctrico con calefacción Cama-Shiatsu-Jade Masaje con ruedas

Sessions in a massage beauty bed with thermal infrared rays and jade rollers offer numerous health benefits. Reduce & eliminate pain from arthritis. Improve muscle tension & soreness. Relieve stress and anxiety. Increase blood & lymphatic circulation. Relax, and ease the pain of body, headaches, and migraines. Detox and oxygenate. Increase energy levels. Better sleep quality.

Equipped with extra handheld jade heating lights roller pouch, for use to all body parts.

Electric Heated Massage Bed-Shiatsu-Jade Rolling Massage

With 9 working modes, 8 automatic modes & 1 manual mode-MP3 lifting function-Lifting height 0-45°-LCD color remote control. The average temperature is 40-70°C.

Smarthousebrand embraces sustainability in every field. Thus alternative, we use for our products as high-quality PU fabric leather, breathable, antibacterial, and easy to clean. Jade rolling massage uses high-tech manufactured jade rollers, that mimic the natural jade stone sense. Νatural parts like metal, wood, and industrial parts are 100% recyclable.

Electric Heated Massage Bed-Shiatsu-Jade Rolling Massage

The products have obtained international certificates, such as CE, UL, and RoHS certificates.

Available models,  MBW-020   MB-088

Contact us for manufacturing and delivery time.

Please quote for a better price if you want more than 5

SKU: MBE-016
Product size: 195*65*55cm
Fabric: Breathable PU leather
Product weight: 96KG
Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ
Rated power: 100-500W
Product packaging: kraft paper box. 2 pieces

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