Full Body Massage Chair

Smart House Brand

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Full Body Massage Chair 6 massage methods

Deluxe high-tech Full body massage chair.

6 massage methods: Shiatsu, Kneading, Classic Massage, Press, Shock alike massage-Back body heating, therapeutic kneading.

6 Massage Technics Massage Chair-Full Body and Zero Gravity Relaxing Massage

The wave type guide is fixed at eight points to push the back curve of the human body.

Zero gravity endless relaxing massage

Head comfortable massage. Adjustable shoulder airbag squeeze massage. Multi-level integrated arm massage multi-air cycling and kneading.

Wave pressure on both sides of the buttocks. Legs and Hips both sides airbag massage. Double-tube tubular legs double telescopic design.

Calf multi-head massage. Foot sole roller heated massage.

Bluetooth music interactive function-pump silent design-It is clear and intuitive with refracting -high-brightness LCD.

Full Body Massage Chair-Zero Gravity-Back warm compress

Enjoy an everyday relaxation massage at home or at the office. A head-to-toe massage is a great way to de-stress, decompress our spine, and improve blood circulation in our body.

Superior Full Body Massage Chair

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Full Body Massage Chair-Head Massage

SKU/Code: MCFB-002

Rated voltage / frequency: 220V / 50Hz
Rated power: 150W

Net weight / gross weight: 60Kg / 65Kg
Collapse: 150*108*75cm

Expand: 180*81*75cm
Packing specification: 119*77.8*70cm

Full Body Massage Chair-Arms Massage
Full Body Massage Chair-Shoulders massage


Full Body Massage Chair-Buttocks Massage

Full Body Massage Chair-Legs Massage


Full Body Massage Chair-Plantar Roller Massage
Full Body Massage Chair-PU Leather Colours
Full Body Massage Chair-Dimentions

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