Home Spa-Sauna Cabin

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2020 Home Spa-Sauna Cabin

A luxury essential oils hot steam sitting spa capsule with an ozone automatic disinfection system. Gain the health benefits of fresh or dry herbs, essential oils, and honey of hot fumigation into your skin, body, and mind.

2020 Home Spa-Sauna Cabin

Experience natural face and body therapy from the comfort of your own house. After a couple of sessions, you will gain better sleep quality, firm the tone and texture of dark rough skin, heal broken skin tissue Improve sleep quality. Stimulate the blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, relaxes muscles, and joints effectively as well as relieves pain.

Домашний спа  Сауна кабина

High-temperature fumigation curates the spine. Reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Deep breathing clears congestion issues. Steam therapy decongests colds and sinus infections at home.

Elderly care alternative therapy. Sitting body shape mode-fully automatic. The steam capsule is heated by a generator filled with boiled water, sensual oils-fresh or dry herbs & spices, homey, etc, thus, the hot steam opens the pores of your skin to intake the unique health benefits of components naturally.

2020 Home Spa-Sauna Cabin

The products have obtained international certificates, such as CE, UL, and RoHS certificates.

SKU :MCF-020
Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 2500W
Product volume:1.17 cubic
Product size: length 130cm, width 73cm, height 123cm
Cushion: 48cm wide-adjustable height-product color white 
Net weight:70KG,Gross weight:110KG
The first-floor height is 11cm, the second height is 16cm, and the third-floor height is 22cm.

2020 Home Spa-Sauna Cabin

Mode of transport: professional logistics
Μade of high-quality hardness Acrylic and glass fiber reinforced plastic.
The space inside the cabin is comfortable for big people too! 
Equipped with a steam fumigation pot to boil Herbs.
Shower gun
Adjustable seat and armrest. Hands out system
Touch computer. to control the temperature
Colourful Led light
MP3 player

2020 Home Spa-Sauna Cabin-inside parts

Warranty: 1 Year
Custom made orders
Please quote for a better price if you want more than one.

2020 Home Spa-Sauna Cabin-function

Available also the model FSC-010
Worldwide Free Shipping

Commercial and Domestic use: Athletic Unions, Beauty Salons and Spa, Elderly Care Houses, Skin Care Clinics, Hotels, Hostels Cruise ships, Villas.

2020 Home Spa-Sauna Cabin

Infants and pregnant women do  NOT use fumigation spa capsules and sensual oils therapy. Older Kids, under adult supervision and a pediatrician's concern and or agreement.

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Домашний спа  Сауна кабина


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