Isolation Ward and ICU Complete Robot Monitoring

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  • €20.000,00

Isolation Ward and Intensive care unit monitor device. New Generation High-Tech Intelligent Monitoring System.

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Isolation Ward and ICU monitoring device

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Infection Prevention
  • Central monitoring system.
  • Program diagram.
  • Visual video of contactless visitation.
  • Real-time vital signs monitoring. Give the patient 24-hour Omni-bearing care.
  • Intelligent video recognition: by algorithm, the device can have intelligent image recognition ability.
  • Medical equipment monitoring can work with the most vital signs-medical devices or other monitoring devices.
  • Real-time vital signs monitoring. Medical equipment monitoring. It can work with most signs monitoring devices or other medical devices. Give the patients 34-hour Omni-bearing care
  • Visual video of contactless visitation
  • All-intelligent video recognition: By algorithm, the device can have an intelligent image recognition ability.
  • Remote contactless rounds. Comprehensive inspection. Support medical auxiliary, and medical equipment. ECG monitors data access. Visual recognition auxiliary warning. Can adapt to various brands of ECG monitor products. (The device needs to have VGA or HDMI port).
  • Environmental data monitoring Can measure PM2.5, CO2, CH20, temperature, humidity, PM10, and TVOC of the ward.
  • Remote contactless infrared temperature measurement.
  • Telemedicine remote consultation by video call.
  • Remote control equipment
  • 4 main platforms make management efficient: 1. Diagnosis and treatment platform. 2. Device management platform. 3. Environment monitoring platform. 4. The vital signs monitoring platform has developed from a centralized monitoring center to a distributed patient-centered monitoring system. The platform can be used flexibly to build a monitoring system that meets the monitoring needs of different departments and even the whole hospital, so the doctor and the monitoring team can view the vital signs data of the monitored patients in real-time and in any place. 
  • Vital sign monitoring project; Can monitor electrocardiogram, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, pulse rate, body temperature, carbon dioxide at the end of respiration, bispectral index of the electroencephalogram.
  • Easy application, saves both, time and labor

Isolation Ward and ICU Robot Monitoring. New Generation

Central monitoring system. Make the management more efficient

Centralized intelligent control, from different hospitals to different Wards. 

Subdivided into different wards.

Eventually different patient beds, it will make the management more efficient. 


Isolation Ward and ICU Robot Monitoring. New Generation high-tech 

International Shipping

Please request the product price, quantities, and shipping


Isolation Ward and ICU Robot Monitoring Device  


Isolation Ward and ICU Robot Monitoring Device  


Isolation Ward and ICU Robot Monitoring



Product Details and Parameters:


Slide Rail 15cm retractable

Ultra long-zoom HD camera.
2 million pixels,
20x optical zoom camera,
support HD  HD720P,
1600 x 1200 resolution
360 ° infinite rotation

Mute Vientiane roller

Free lifting at 35cm ease and comfort

Control placement table

Maximum size: 170x60x73,5cm
Minimum size: 135x60x73,5cm



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