Spa at Home-Luxury Steam Cabin

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Negative ions hot steam sauna cabin. Gain the health benefits of Herb's essential oils fumigation in your skin, body, and mind. Experience a natural face and body detox therapy. as herbal steam sessions firms the tone and texture of dark rough skin, heal broken skin tissue, and improve sleep quality.

Spa at Home-Luxury Steam Cabin

Stimulate the blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, relaxes muscles and joints effectively as well as relieves pain. Reduces stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Deep breathing clears congestion issues. Steam therapy decongests colds and sinus infections.

The space capsule is safe for all family members, elder people, and older kids under adult supervision. Sitting body shape mode-fully automatic. Stool with rollers to massage sole feet-reflexology.

Cпа дома-Роскошная паровая кабина

The steam capsule is heated by a generator filled with boiled water, sensual oils, fresh herbs & spices, and honey,  thus, the hot humidity opens the pores of your skin, so intake the unique health benefits of aromatherapy naturally. The fumigation spa capsule has a negative ion purification system, The ionizers produce negative air ions. 

Spa at Home-Luxury Steam Cabin


Functions and Applications of negative ions

  1. Be able to vitalize our cells, increase the oxygen holding capacity of blood and improve metabolism. Teamed with anions, cells are full of vim and vigour.
  2. Be able to remove fatigue, boost our resistance to diseases and ameliorant the autonomic nervous system. Anions have a substantial curative effect on headache, insomnia, constipation, melancholy, pollinizers and allergic rhinitis.
  3. Anions with ozone are able to immediately remove the stink of mould, the offensive odour of smoking, retard and kill colon bacilli, dysenteric bacteria, and tubercle bacillus.  What's more, anions have also a special curative function in the treatment of chronic bronchitis and asthma.
Spa at Home-Luxury Steam Cabin

Caution: Infants and pregnant women do  NOT use fumigation spa capsules and aromatherapy. Older Kids if and only under adult supervision and a paediatrician's concern and or agreement.

Commercial and Domestic use. Beauty Salons and Spa, Elderly Care Houses, Clinics, Hotels, Hostels Cruise ships, Villas, Athletic Unions, Fitness Studios

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Spa at Home-Luxury Steam Cabin

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SKU: FSC-010
Product: Capsule
Volume: 1.28
Size: 150*73*117cm
Voltage: 220V
Seat (wide): 42cm
Power: 2000W
Backrest (high): 76cm
LCD Touch Screen Operation
Material: high hardness acrylic

Available and the model, MCF-020

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