Professional Posters Printer Eco-Solvent Max width 2.60 meters

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Posters Printer Eco-Solvent  Digital Flex Banners Printing Machine

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Professional Posters Printer, Eco-Solvent, Width 2.60 meters

The ideal 1600mm (1800mm. 2600mm. 3200mm) maximum print width can satisfy your customer with variable media and wilder print width. Even more, you can choose single printhead or double printheads on different demands.

New double  4 colours (CMYK) mode print, adopted Epson Double Dx5 printhead which promises higher print speed and larger print resolution(1440dpi) with gorgeous image and natural colours.

High-quality and high-performance large-format multi-colour photo inkjet adverting printing machine two head configuration printer. adopt Epson DX5 head, (one or two head are optional ) max resolution is 1440dpi.

Rely on original inkjet technology. achieve high-precision printing .3 type size of ink droplet alternating at the same time, the minimum size of ink droplet can be 1.5pl. three parts heating system to heat media to the proper temperature, improved inks stainability and stability. Use eco-solvent ink for printing outdoor material. such as .flex banners. Lightbox cloth.canvas .soft film. Vinyl. Backlit. Sticker. Pp paper. PVC. Graphic paper....etc.

Epson DX5 head 

 ECO-solvent printer adopts one Epson DX5  printheads. higher printing speed, Adopt unique print media clamps, efficiently prevent print media edge cocking up and avoid scratching the printhead .enhance productivity. this kind of eco-solvent print, adopt internationally advanced smart printhead cleaning technology and moisturizing device, safer and easier operate

 Advantages :

1. Epson DX5 Printhead Two groups of 4 colour printing,180 nozzles per eight rows of nozzles, Four times faster than traditional printhead. Greatly increase production speed

2. Unique variable point printing technology, Really reflect the highest the way of the ink out from the printhead. meet customer pursue the quality of the picture

3. Multi-print Select the method of the ink out. The machine uses microwave waves and gradual emergence technology to eliminate PASS Road, Break the shortcomings of past machines for critical colours and special materials.

4. Unique double vertical balance rail, Improve the print speed of the printhead, high precision and more stable.

5. automatic configuration: Automatic paper feeding, Automatic ink absorption, Automatic ink scraping and other devices.

6. At the same time provide large-capacity ink cartridges, Each cartridge capacity up to 500ml, Each cartridge is independently supplied with ink for a row of nozzles, Can guarantee high-speed output thick picture.

7. The most advanced intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device, And provide a safe and convenient printhead cleaning and maintenance functions, Users can feel comfortable printing jobs at any time.

8. Adopt high-speed USB2.0 interface.convenient and easy to achieve remote or LAN printing needs

9. The system can provide 3PASS higher quality, More efficient printing mode, Users can safely choose a wider variety of materials for printing.

10. Adopt EpsonDX5 and Epson DX7 printhead, achieve high-precision 1440dpi. Ensure perfect picture output.

1. Pro Posters Printer-Unique Inkjet Technology


2-Section heating system-Pro Posters Printers
Intelligent Heating System for Pro Posters Printing Machine


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