Saffron-Crocus Sativus

Krokos Kozanis

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The highest quality of saffron in the world thrives on Krokos townland in Kozani County in North Greece.

In trading, the edible saffron is basically distinguished by the name of the region that it was produced, which constitutes the first rough quality ranking since all buyers know the quality condition of each product area. The Greek red saffron is marketed as "Krokos Kozanis".

The residents of the area plant Saffron every Summer and when Autumn arrives, remove by hand the precious spots of the beautiful flower, and they carefully drain them so that they make the deep red delicate yarns. 

Nearly fifty thousand spots are needed in order to produce 100 gr of red Saffron.

Form in which the product is available
1. Saffron is normally available in the form of a flexible, soft, elastic and hygroscopic mass of whole threads from the dried stigmas of the Crocus Sativus Linneaus.

2. In the form of powder after the grinding of its red threads.

Quality classification and Quality standards of Saffron

Regardless of the aforementioned distinction of saffron, externally its quality is determined by the colour, flavour, and size of the stigmas. More specifically the quality characteristics of good saffron are:
Moisture and Volatile Matter max 12
Picrocrocin (category 1) min 70
Safranal 20 < x < 50
Colouring strength (category 1) min 190


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