Salad Spinner Greens Salads Dryer

Smart House Brand

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5L Salad Spinner Greens Salads Dryer

Salad Spinner Lettuce Greens Washer Dryer

Drainer Crisper Strainer For Washing Drying Leafy Vegetables 

Salad Spinner Greens Salads Hand Speed Dryer


Simple, practical, and stylish, these salad spinners are perfect for ensuring your salad leaves remain crisp and delicious after washing.

Simply wind the handle to dry washed salad.

The drier basket can be used as a colander and the lid features an aperture to allow dressings to be added and mixed with ease

Take care of your hands and avoid damaging the skin for a long time in the water

Salad Spinner Greens Salads Dryer-Multi-Purpose

Steps for usage

 1. Put the vegetables to be washed in the dehydrator

2. Close the cover and fill it with water

3. Turn the handle to easily clean the vegetables

4. After washing the vegetables, pour out the water. (Repeatable operation)

Salad Spinner Greens Salads Dryer-5L Basket


Color: green + white

Product material: PP (food-grade plastic)

Capacity: 5L

Package Included:

1*Multifunctional vegetable dehydrator

Salad Tools Type: Salad Spinners