Tile Cretalia Octagon-S04

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  • €75,00

CRETALIA Tile Octagon

Minimal, Modern, or Classic. Personalize your House and Business space Build your own Mosaic of Tiles.

Our collection presents you with the Art of Handmade Tiles. Modern, Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs are entirely made with natural ground compounds, water, and earthy colors. A dynamic symmetrical designation by metal casting molds. Rich, strong color mixtures.

Flooring wall & ceiling tiles. Decorative project ideas such as Kitchen Islands, Tables, Benchtops, Fountains & Ponds, Canopies & Gazebos, Garden Bridges, Garden Arches, Mailboxes, and Tile Visual Artwork.

Solid & durable 100% recyclable.

International shipping.

Handmade cement tiles. Unlimited color mixtures

CATEGORY: Geometric Tile Art                                

SKU: 8GON-small 004

PRICE:  75€/m²

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Handmade cement tiles. Unlimited color mixtures




1.8 cm

Weight per tile


Weight per m²

35 kg

Pieces per m²


Pieces per box


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