Vending Massage Chair

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Vending Massage Chair 

New vending massage chair. Custom-made orders. Worldwide FREE Shipping. 

A commercial, coin-operated massage chair is a long-term investment that pays off in a short period of time. Place a massage chair for your clients in a cozy corner of your business place while they are waiting. 

This particular massage chair has two slits, such as to accept coins and or bill notes. It can be customized to accept other currencies than the dollar and euro.  The price charged and the time the massage session lasts is set by you.

For Malls, Waiting  Halls, Hair salons, Beauty salons, Cruise ships, Barbershops, Gyms, Hostels, Hotels- Airports, Clinics, Cafe, 

Vending Massage Chair-Full Body Massage


1. Shoulder, arm, back, waist, buttocks, glutes, feet, cushion airbag massage
2. Waist heating
3. Cushion vibration
4. Voice broadcast prompt function
5. Manipulator movement under the manipulator
6. Massage techniques: kneading, shiatsu, slap, beat, squeeze, smash
7. The armrest has a button to show the time
8. Support mobile phone charging

  • Carton size: 130*78*109
  • Weight: 83/73kg
  • Voltage: 220V 50HZ
  • Power: 150W

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